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Aligning AI
with what really matters

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We're a research organization working on the frontier of AI and flourishing

Our mission is to use “Wise AI” to align markets and other social systems with human values — an approach we call “full stack alignment”.


After a decade of research and real-world experimentation around values, we are now pioneering this socio-technical alignment approach in partnership with leading AI labs.

Help us make ChatGPT wiser

How do you think ChatGPT should respond to morally contentious situations? Should it remain neutral, be empathetic, try to be just…?

In partnership with OpenAI, we’ve developed a democratic mechanism which gathers moral information about these questions from people like you, and then uses it to shape the behavior of ChatGPT.

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Democratic Fine-Tuning

Democratic Fine Tuning (DFT) is an alternative to Constitutional AI or simple RLHF-based approaches, to fine-tune LLMs based on moral information from diverse populations. A collaboration with OpenAI.

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Wise AI

Wise AI is a project to make artificial general intelligence that's as wise is as it is smart: that understands itself in situations of moral weight, and that can develop and elaborate its values in collaboration with human groups. The ultimate goal is to drive labs in the direction of “Artificial Super-Wisdom”, rather than ASI.

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Meaning Economy
Research Consortium

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The Meaning Economy Research Consortium (MERC) is a project to upgrade markets with mechanisms that put meaning above consumption and engagement by exploring how AI-planned economies (or market/LLM-hybrid economies) can be better at human flourishing and value accountability than markets and corporations alone.

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